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Management Information Service Metrics


The infrastructure which supports the Managment Information service is only stopped for planned maintenance or as dictated by mandatory updates to the operating system, the latter are always done outside of normal working hours at weekend.

A measurement of the response time of the MI service login page is taken every minute, which provides a broad metric of availability and performance. The graph below show the measure for the latter part of 2012, note the week numbers are calendar weeks and the measure is in milli seconds

Login page load time

During 2012 there has been one significant service interruption on the 6th of March, an intermittent failure to log into Cognos which lasted from 08:00 to 15:00. The root cause was a change to a server used to authenticate Cognos users.

There has been one outage in 2013, from mid-day on Saturday the 19th of January until mid-day on Sunday the 20th of January, the root cause was a failure of the Cognos services to re-start after an automated re-boot of the windows serves to apply a windows update. IBM have been contacted for advice on how to avoid a repeat of this scenario.

Report usage activity

The following is an analysis of monthly report activity on the Warehouse broken down by calendar year

Service useage
Note :- The figures for May are for a partial month.