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Service Metrics

Service board metrics

The MI Service board have been canvased at service board meetings for metrics that will assisst them in assessing service performance. The metrics they have chosen comprise an analysis of the worked time for members of the MI Service team and the total number of reports being produced. The metrics from the previous service boards are available here

Performance metrics

In addition to these service metrics the MI service team are starting to use statistical process control as a tool to monitor the performance of core system process which impact the performance and availability of the service. The performance of the overnight data load process is the first application of this tool. The results are available here, these metrics do not correlate directly to user performance but provide useful information on the performance and robustness of an important service component.

Useage metrics

The usage of the Warehouse, crudely the number of reports being executed, is monitored in order to identify changes in workload over the life cycle of the Warehouse. The data record on activity is broken down into the the main business areas that use the Warehouse and also individual reports being run. The latter is used to identify reports which are no longer being used.

The useage information is available here, and will be updated on a monthly basis.