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What do I need to connect to the network?

All you need in order to connect to the network is a:

  • Computer equipped with an Ethernet network adapter.
  • Windows XP operating system which is up-to-date via Windows Update.
  • Standard RJ45 network cable in order to connect your computer to the network. Between 3 and 5 metres is suitable for most rooms.
  • Up-to-date copy of anti-virus software. Warwick provide free anti-virus software to all students and staff.
  • Valid IT Services account.

If you have a Macintosh, then connecting it should be quite straightforward, provided that it has an Ethernet adapter and is configured to obtain an IP address automatically. Should you run into problems, we provide information on how to check your configuration in Mac OS 9 and OS X in our self-help guide.

Also, most modern Linux distributions should work without any problems with the majority of Ethernet adapters, without the need for any manual configuration. You will need to ensure that the operating system is set to obtain an IP address automatically via DHCP.