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Wireless Network Service

The following wireless networks are available at the University. Please choose the appropriate service to see more details.

  • eduroam for staff, students and visitors from another academic institution.
  • Warwick Guest for conference attendees, short term guests and visitors.

Users of these services are required to comply with:

Attention should also be given to the University Privacy Notices which set out the use of your personal data. The applicable notice depends upon your relationship to the University.


The primary connection to the wireless network for Warwick staff, students and academic visitors is via the eduroam service.

eduroam provides users with an easy log-on process using WPA2 Enterprise security to prevent eavesdropping on wireless data.

Your University username must be appended with to use this service, i.e.

See more information on the use of eduroam, on and off campus.

Warwick Guest

Conference attendees, short term guests and visitors to the University of Warwick have free access to a managed wireless network service (Warwick-Guest).

This is hosted by BT and operates on a self-service basis.

See detailed information about the service and how to connect your device to Warwick Guest.


hotspot-secure is an older wireless network provided for compatibility with some existing services.

Please use eduroam, even if you have been used to using hotspot-secure in the past. If you are using a managed laptop, this will continue to connect to hotspot-secure.

Where can I connect to wireless?

Wi-Fi services are available inside the majority of our campus and accommodation buildings. We also provide Wi-Fi services at our Wellesbourne campus, Walsgrave CSRL and at WBS at The Shard.

Wireless Technology

The wireless network allows customers the freedom to make use of Wi-Fi® enabled devices to connect to the Internet. The service supports the Wi-Fi standard 802.11g/n/ac with support for 802.11ax in selected areas. The service provides coverage in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wavebands.

Staff and students can authenticate using WPA2 enterprise authentication. This provides users with a secure network connection which prevents eavesdropping. The vast majority of wireless devices are capable of using this standard and it is always worth checking with the manufacturer for software updates.

We use Cisco CleanAir™ technology to minimise radio interference and provide the capability to support a high user density with high bandwidth applications such as video streaming.

Standard requests

  • Requests for new Wireless locations or service expansion are submitted via the IT Services Help Desk.
  • Request for Consultancy around specific uses of the wireless infrastructure can also be submitted via the IT Services Help Desk .


Requests for service expansion must be submitted by a permanent member of staff who is an authorised budget holder as there are charges to cover the installation and cabling work required for new installs. Some areas may require specialist solutions which require additional funding. Typically these include external areas and high density wireless in lecture theatres.


The Wireless network is designed to be available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Occasionally the service may be withdrawn from some areas for planned maintenance. These times will be advertised in advance on the ITS homepage. Support for the service is available during standard IT Services support hours.