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Reg. 31 Information Management, Security and Records Management

***Amendments to Regulation 31 were last approved by Council at the meeting held on 8 July 2020, with changes taking immediate effect.***

Regulation 31 covers all areas of information and records management, including security, governance, assurance, lifecycle and risk

All users, including staff, visiting professors, students, contractors and other visitors must abide by the University's information management policies, processes and procedures at all times.

All users will have access to all related policies and must refer to them as and when required.

All users will be trained in line with current policies. Line managers, Heads of Departments and Directors of the Professional Services Group will ensure that they and their users receive the appropriate training.

Compliance with this Regulation will be monitored by the University. Any breach of or non-conformance with information management policies and procedures will be treated as a breach or non-conformance with this Regulation, and may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and / or other legal action.

Please refer to the University's Information Management Policy Framework for more information.