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Infrastucture and Policies

The application hosting process

Information required for hosting an application/items to help choose an application

Our technology/our infrastructure

Policy information

Information security roles and responsibilities



We will endeavour to assist and help provide services for your application, however IT services may decide not host an application, the likely reasons being:

  • It may carry a significant security risk, possibly because it's an application which needs frequent patching, and/or has been known to suffer serious security flaws in the past
  • It duplicates services we already provide - so we wouldn't host an email server, or a Sharepoint one, or a CMS or a blogging platform, because we already provide standard instances of those services
  • It would be disproportionately expensive to host because it would require many servers, or large amounts of disk space or other resources
  • If the vendor of the application can provide credible hosting for it. This then puts all the responsibility for delivery of the application into a single place, which we generally find to be a better experience for the application owner than if responsibility is split between a vendor and ITS.