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Network & Wifi

Help Desk Information Leaflets

These leaflets are free to download by any member of the University. Please note that they are subject to change and more up-to-date versions may only be available at the IT Services Drop in Centre on the first floor of the Library. Please click here to return to main Helpdesk Leaflets page.

More on Networks:

Note each pdf file is double-sided and can be cut in half to create two identical A5 leaflets.

You can also collect these from the IT Services Drop in Centre on the 1st Floor of the Library.


Name Description Last Updated
Leaflet 12a.pdf Resnet Windows 7 Cable Connection 08/11/17
Leaflet12b.pdf Resnet Windows 8 & 8.1 Cable Connection 08/11/17
Leaflet12c.pdf Resnet Apple Mac 0SX Cable Connection 08/11/17
Leaflet 12d.pdf Wireless - Resnet-secure on Windows 7 21/07/17
Leaflet 12f.pdf Wireless - Resnet-secure on Windows 10 21/07/17
Leaflet12g.pdf Wireless - Resnet-secure on Windows 8 and 8.1 05/07/17
Leaflet12e.pdf Wireless - Resnet-secure on Macs & Mobile Phones 21/07/17
Leaflet 13b.pdf Wireless - Hotspot-secure on Windows 7 05/07/17
Leaflet 13f.pdf Wireless - Hotspot-secure on Windows 10 05/07/17
Leaflet13a.pdf Wireless - Hotspot-secure on Windows 8 and 8.1 05/07/17
Leaflet13c.pdf Wireless - Hotspot-secure on Macs & Phones 06/07/17
Leaflet13d.pdf Wireless - Warwick Guest 06/07/17
Leaflet 14a.pdf Wireless - Eduroam on Windows 10 21/07/17
Leaflet 14d.pdf Wireless - Eduroam on Windows 7 21/07/17
Leaflet 14e.pdf Wireless - Eduroam on Windows 8 and 8.1 21/07/17
Leaflet14b.pdf Wireless - Eduroam on Mac 06/07/17
Leaflet14c.pdf Wireless - Eduroam on Mobile Phones 06/07/17
Leaflet14.pdf VPN Access 06/07/17