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Web address of your photo

Web address of your photo

You can include a photo of yourself on your profile page.

To insert a photo:

  1. Click on the 'Choose image' button to the right of the 'Web address of your photo' text box:

    Choose image
  2. The Insert image screen should pop up. If your photo is already uploaded in one of your galleries, find the title of this gallery in the list under 'Your galleries/images'. Click on the title link.

    Insert image

    Click on your photo. (If your photo is not in any of your galleries, click the 'Upload an image' link to upload the photo to your blog.)
  3. You should now see a preview of the image. If this is the photo you would like to appear on your profile, click 'Select this image':

    Choose this photo

    The web address of your photo will now appear in the text box:

    photo web address
  4. Click the 'Update' button: Update button

Your photo will appear on your profile page. It may look something like this:

Photo on page

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