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How do I create an 'about me' page?

You can create a profile or 'about me' page containing some basic information about yourself. To create or edit a profile you must be signed into your blog with your IT Services username and password.

  1. Click on the Admin link to the right of the utility bar. BlogBuilder's screen for managing your blog should appear.
  2. Click on 'Edit your profile' in the blog content box. The 'Edit your profile' screen should appear.
  3. The default profile page name is 'About me'. This is the text that will appear in the utility bar at the top of your blog and act as a link to your profile:

    About me link

    If you wish to have a different name for your profile (e.g. 'My details') then enter your new title:

    New title
  4. If you want a link to your profile to appear on your blog, then make sure the 'Show the "About me" page?' checkbox is ticked:

    Show about me page
  5. If you want your profile to include a list of your most recent entries and a list of your galleries, then make sure the 'Show auto-generated info about your blog' checkbox is ticked:

    Auto-generated details
  6. If you want your profile to contain just a brief description and your photo, then tick the 'Show only freeform text and photo and nothing else' checkbox:

    Show text and photo
  7. Enter and format a description of your blog in the large text box under 'Freeform text':

  8. Enter your contact details in the text box under 'Contact details'. If you want your email address to appear as a hyperlink on your profile, enter your email address in the text box under 'Contact details'. Highlight your email address and click on the 'To insert a link: "linktext": url' button to the right of the text box under 'Formatting':

    contact details

    Enter "mailto" followed by your email address in the window that pops up and click on 'OK':

    contact details

    You should now see quotation marks (") either side of your email address, followed by ":mailto:"and your email address again:

    contact details
  9. To include a photo of yourself in your profile, click on the 'Choose image' button to the right of the 'Web address of your photo' text box:

    Choose image
  10. The Insert image screen should pop up. If your photo is already uploaded in one of your galleries, find the title of this gallery in the list under 'Your galleries/images'. Click on the title link.

    insert image

    Click on your photo. (If your photo is not in any of your galleries, click the 'Upload an image' link to upload the photo to your blog.)
  11. You should now see a preview of the image. If this is the photo you would like to appear on your profile, click 'Select this image':

    Select image
  12. The web address of your photo will now appear in the text box:

    image address
  13. Decide who you want to be able to view your profile and tick the box next to the privacy setting you have chosen:

    Privacy settings
  14. Click 'Update':

  15. Click the Blue arrow'Back to blog manager' button. You will now see the Manage your blog screen.
  16. Click on Blue arrow'Back to my blog' at the bottom of the screen.

You can view your profile by clicking the title of your profile page in the utility bar, which acts as a link to your profile:

About me link

You should then see your profile: