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Go.Warwick redirect service

Go.Warwick is the University's web redirection service, designed to make shorter, more consistent web addresses.

Staff members can request new redirects and edit existing redirects at any time. To request a new short web address, visit Approvals could take up to 5 working days. Once created, a short address can be cited as:

The University's policy is to allow any member of staff to create whatever redirect(s) they wish. However, there are a few restrictions which cause a request to be declined:

  • Redirects which appear too general. Redirects such as (say) /video are unlikely to be approved for a specific video clip relating to a course, because it would appear to the user to be a general university video service. Altering the request to be (say) /physicsvideo or /electronvideo would probably be fine.
  • Redirects which point to a page which doesn't exist yet or is empty.
  • Redirects to a person's name may be declined if they are too ambiguous, and could refer to more than one person. So /smith is unlikely to be accepted, but /jasonsmith might be accepted if there is only one Jason Smith working at Warwick.
  • Redirects which contain any sort of obscenity or derogatory term will not be accepted.
  • Multiple redirects all pointing to the same page won't be accepted.
  • Redirects must point to web pages, not to pdfs or other files.

It's also important to remember that redirects work for pages 'within' the redirect as well as the page itself. So if a redirect called /la101 points to a course home page, then typing will also work. There is no need to create a redirect for every page or section underneath a redirect.

Note: if you have previously cited:


…these addresses will continue to work.