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SiteBuilder release notes

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SiteBuilder 2.530 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.530 on Monday 16th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to create a new page from a template that has a subpage.
  • Updated Resource Booking calendars to display both term and week number when Term week numbers is selected in the Calendar view settings.
  • Improved the appearance of accordions in the Components Editor. Accordion items are now separated by a small gap, and display an arrow icon to quickly indicate whether they are open or closed. Note that existing pages with accordion components must be re-published for indicator arrows to display.

Technical notes

Bugs fixed

  • [SBTWO-10843] - Server error when creating page from a custom page template

Improvements made

  • [SBTWO-10819] - Accordion component improvements
  • [SBTWO-10839] - Move two block equal layout under the 2:1 and 1:2 layouts
  • [SBTWO-10851] - Add term number
Thu 19 Jan 2023, 14:47