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Sitebuilder 2.229 - 5th May 2011 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.229 was released on 5th May 2011. Highlights from this release include:

New External Homepage and Student Experience section

We have launched a new external homepage for the Warwick website a new "Experience Warwick" section for prospective students. This has involved some changes and improvements to Sitebuilder that will be progressively rolled out over the coming year to other sites in Sitebuilder.

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Term-based recurrence rules for resource bookings

When bookings are made in a resource bookings page, they can now be restricted to term-time or even to certain weeks in term-time. For example, on a place to book seminar rooms, a user may want to book it for every week - but only during term time, and excluding reading weeks. This is now possible.

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Display improvements for unconfirmed bookings in resource booking pages

On Resource Booking pages, when a booking has not been confirmed (on pages which require approval) we now style the booking differently, so it is clear to the end-user that although there is a booking in the slot, it has not yet been confirmed.

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New options for displaying Powerpoint presentations in Sitebuilder

We have improved the display of Powerpoint presentations when they are uploaded to Sitebuilder using the "Create page from Office Document" button on the Sub pages tab. Previously, when a Powerpoint presentation was uploaded, it was always transformed into a single page with each slide in turn. We now provide three options:

  • Create a single page with each image uploaded (this is what currently happens)
  • Create a single page, but use a slideshow to display each slide in turn
  • Create a single page for each slide, so you can add notes later

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Support for site speed tracking in Google Analytics

Google have added support for Site Speed Tracking into Google Analytics, which can help analyse how to improve the performance of your Sitebuilder pages.

We have made a change to the Analytics code in Sitebuilder to enable this to work in the new version of Google Analytics.

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Downloading Go.Warwick reports as CSV

It is now possible to download the results of searches on Go.Warwick as a CSV file, which you may find useful when doing large site restructures. For example, you may wish to download all of the current redirects in your site as a spreadsheet so that you know which redirects need to be updated.

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General improvements and fixes

  • Search results in Google should no longer show "authors" under the page title showing the Page Contact's name
  • A fix has been made in resource bookings to ensure that end-users can see notes and reasons added to periods of unavailability in resource booking pages
  • A problem where a "502" error was shown when trying to book resources on a small proportion of resource booking pages has been fixed
  • Thumbnails and WebM renditions now work for videos that have a double-underscore in the file name


  • [SBTWO-4092] - Update documentation for special character checkbox
  • [SBTWO-4373] - Documentation for optional resource unavailability note
  • [SBTWO-4381] - Documentation: Termly recurrence rules in Resource Bookings
  • [SBTWO-4383] - Documentation: Unconfirmed bookings display differently
  • [SBTWO-4386] - Documentation: Go.Warwick reports / CSV export


  • [SBTWO-4377] - End users cannot see unavailability note
  • [SBTWO-4389] - Can't get alternate renditions (including thumbnails) for files with a double underscore in them
  • [SBTWO-4394] - Post params being added onto URL for some resource bookings ajax requests
  • [SBTWO-4397] - ID6 scripts navigableList doesn't work on click
  • [SBTWO-4400] - Editing individual quizbuilder questions shows formsbuilder logo in banner
  • [SBTWO-4401] - ID6 scripts navigableList doesn't work with no result selected
  • [SBTWO-4403] - Resource bookings: "Make booking" link no longer vertically centred
  • [SBTWO-4404] - Resource booking: Checking the "Restrict to term time" option hides other options
  • [SBTWO-4408] - Differentiated uncomfirmed bookings display weird in Chrome


  • [SBTWO-2856] - Powerpoint slideshow mode
  • [SBTWO-3158] - Create several pages from one powerpoint presentation
  • [SBTWO-3386] - Option to make repeat bookings 'every week in term 1' etc
  • [SBTWO-3909] - Differentiate unconfirmed bookings
  • [SBTWO-3973] - Add ability to generate reports from Go.warwick
  • [SBTWO-3989] - Multiple bookings per slot - unavailable slots should be clearly shown as grey-ed out to end users
  • [SBTWO-4398] - ID6 home page can't use site.css
  • [SBTWO-4399] - Remove DC bits in the page metadata that give Google search the page author
  • [SBTWO-4405] - Update Shadowbox to include iframe player
  • [SBTWO-4406] - Don't send Vary: User-Agent if the content cannot or would not be gzipped

New Feature

  • [SBTWO-4402] - Add support for Google Analytics Page Load Speed tracking


  • [SBTWO-4379] - Documentation for Create from Office Powerpoint improvements


  • [SBTWO-4359] - Change Oracle script to generate HITLOG_SUMMARY table to use new IS_SEARCH_ENGINES column after deploy