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Sitebuilder 2.232 - 2nd June 2011 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.232 was released on 2nd June 2011. Highlights from this release include:

Custom booking rules for resource booking pages

It is now possible to add custom validation rules to your resource booking pages, to restrict when bookings can be made and how long for. These rules can apply to all bookers or just those from a particular webgroup, and can optionally exclude administrators of the page. The rules that can be made can:

  • Restrict users to a maximum allocation of a resource per day
  • Restrict users to a maximum length for a single booking
  • Only allow bookings made a certain time in advance
  • Only allow bookings made within a certain time before the booking
  • Restrict users to a maximum number of distinct bookings

More info

General improvements and fixes

  • Improvements have been made to the links checker to return fewer false negatives
  • [email] tags now work correctly on glossary and data list pages and on custom homepages
  • Get-Content-From pages from different sites no longer require a "hard refresh" to get updated content
  • Lecture captures made without the Powerpoint add-in now embed correctly
  • Resource bookings can be made for the previous year by admins


  • [SBTWO-4378] - Documentation for adding booking rules to resource bookings pages


  • [SBTWO-4408] - Unconfirmed bookings display weird in Chrome
  • [SBTWO-4438] - Links checker bugs
  • [SBTWO-4442] - Deleted pages are included in the left hand nav on the 404 page
  • [SBTWO-4443] - Email tags not displaying in data list entries
  • [SBTWO-4446] - Having a 'days' option for the Maximum daily usage rule doesn't make sense
  • [SBTWO-4447] - Get-Content-From pages don't cache-bust correctly
  • [SBTWO-4448] - Non-test lecture captures don't embed correctly


  • [SBTWO-4171] - Allow bookings to be made for the previous year
  • [SBTWO-4445] - Restrict ability to add contradictory booking rules

New Feature


  • [SBTWO-4366] - si-sbr-ap should use the replica filesystem for rendering