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Sitebuilder 2.244 - 29th September 2011 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.244 was released on 29th September 2011. Highlights from this release include:

ID6 Warwick Web Template


We have now moved insite, the University of Warwick intranet to the new web design, ID6 - as well as moving IT Services last week.

We will be migrating sites one at a time over the coming terms.

General fixes and improvements

  • A number of fixes for IE6, IE7 and IE8 users when viewing sites in ID6
  • Sitebuilder files and pages are now accessible via OAuth
  • calendarItem IDs are now included in the calendar JSON API feeds
  • We are now releasing a distributable zip file of the new layout for implementing in other applications (on-campus only)



  • [SBTWO-4788] - Investigate render lag on some handhelds


  • [SBTWO-4781] - Background colour of dropdown menus not displaying in IE6
  • [SBTWO-4787] - Edit site preview no longer displaying banner images
  • [SBTWO-4803] - Padlocked icon for child page displayed on next line in IE8
  • [SBTWO-4806] - site.js not being included
  • [SBTWO-4810] - Remove text color transition on primary nav dropdown
  • [SBTWO-4814] - Content editor buttons in IE8
  • [SBTWO-4815] - Social icons not appearing
  • [SBTWO-4824] - touching a childless nav item doesn't activate the link
  • [SBTWO-4830] - Script error editing ID6 pages with legacy Prototype included, in IE7 or IE8/9 Compat Mode
  • [SBTWO-4847] - Line height on paragraphs is smaller than it should be
  • [SBTWO-4848] - Some styles (list styles) are not being replicated in the editor


  • [SBTWO-4805] - Make "re-publish all pages in the site" asynchronous for site style transfers
  • [SBTWO-4807] - Allow @import to work for other assets in the site.less (for insite spring/summer/autumn/winter)
  • [SBTWO-4809] - Span RHS by default (for ID6)
  • [SBTWO-4812] - Allow access to Sitebuilder protected resources via OAuth
  • [SBTWO-4821] - ID6 - Make the drop down for the primary navigation have a min-width so that it is never smaller than the primary navigation page/section it is spawned from.
  • [SBTWO-4825] - Include calendar item ID in calendar JSON feeds
  • [SBTWO-4832] - Move (bottom) next and previous links from footer to bottom of page content
  • [SBTWO-4833] - Move magical horizontal scroll bars to any (non-iframe) element
  • [SBTWO-4840] - Remove phantom space between last breadcrumb and "Show all" link
  • [SBTWO-4846] - Reinstate margin-bottom: 6px on li from ID5 in ID6

New Feature

  • [SBTWO-4831] - Generate ID6 distributable zip as part of the build/bamboo process


  • [SBTWO-4829] - ID6 Default CSS file add in css for standard anchors, and/or make the default css have a hover colour
  • [SBTWO-4850] - Add Hannah (cuafq) as a god user