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Sitebuilder 2.262 - 23rd May 2012 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.262 was released on 23rd May 2012. This release fixed a number of long-standing bugs and issues. Highlights from this release include:

Download files from edit section

A new button has been added to the Sub-files tab in the edit section to allow you to download a set of files from beneath the page as a zip.

Improvements to JScript editor

We've upgraded to TinyMCE 3.5, which gives us a number of improvements and bug fixes to our JScript editor. This should mean that users encounter fewer problems when editing pages.

More CSV downloads in Page statistics

It's now possible to download the CSV data for top pages, top sections, top files, missing pages and referrals in the Stats tab of the edit section.

Addressing pages via Go redirects in API calls

If you use the Sitebuilder API, you can now reference pages via their Go address (if they are under /api/rss). For example, rather than ?page=/services/art you could use ?page=go:/art.

General improvements and fixes

  • Improved styling for
    , <code>,
    and <kbd> in ID6
  • Videos in Google Chrome will no longer "crash" when seeking to the end
  • When changing the page thumbnail for a page, the change should be visible immediately
  • Older Android phones will now be able to download audio files if they can't play them in the browser
  • Line breaks will no longer be stripped from pre-formatted areas in the JScript editor
  • Video preview images will now display in Internet Explorer 9, even once the video has loaded
  • There have been a number of fixes for editing with the JScript editor in Internet Explorer 8
  • Site designs with large footers now correctly position the "Page contact" popup in ID6
  • ID6 sites with extremely large vertical navigation can no longer "spill" out into the main content of the page

Release Notes - Sitebuilder2 - Version 2.262


Technical task

  • [SBTWO-5379] - Initial view, command, controller classes (forum & followers)


  • [SBTWO-4431] - Changing a page's thumbnail doesn't break the thumbnail image's cache
  • [SBTWO-5200] - mp3 in media tags doesn't display on android 2.1
  • [SBTWO-5233] - TinyMCE strips linebreaks from <pre><code> blocks
  • [SBTWO-5364] - Video player crashes in Chrome
  • [SBTWO-5370] - List Locks page is incredibly slow
  • [SBTWO-5380] - Twitter feed not working on John's sandbox
  • [SBTWO-5384] - Video preview images not displaying in IE
  • [SBTWO-5396] - JSP compilation task compiles unrelated XML files
  • [SBTWO-5407] - monoslideshow has a bogus parameter in flashvars
  • [SBTWO-5410] - A data table inside a presentation table shouldn't unravel on small screens
  • [SBTWO-5414] - Search autocomplete makes request over HTTP
  • [SBTWO-5415] - Unable to insert box styles in IE8
  • [SBTWO-5417] - Twitter feed counts retweets in number to display, even if they're not displayed
  • [SBTWO-5421] - Using Links picker to edit link attribute causes external link to be truncated
  • [SBTWO-5427] - JSONP request validator for Go redirects denies access from go.warwick
  • [SBTWO-5428] - Page Contact popup appearing too low down on Physics ID6
  • [SBTWO-5429] - Discrepancies between videos loaded from Sitebuilder and loaded through a local webserver
  • [SBTWO-5435] - is-smallscreen class not activating on www2
  • [SBTWO-5438] - Footer not being fixed to bottom of screen on test
  • [SBTWO-5441] - Relative links not working as expected in embedded flash player - GCF pages
  • [SBTWO-5443] - Make sitemap freemarker more bulletproof
  • [SBTWO-5448] - Error creating recurrent bookings if the first is invalid
  • [SBTWO-5449] - Very large trees break out of left hand navigation
  • [SBTWO-5455] - PerformanceLoggingAdvice can eat/leak memory in long-running threads
  • [SBTWO-5463] - Slideshow not displaying in IE8 on test
  • [SBTWO-5467] - Twitter feed displays no tweets in ID5
  • [SBTWO-5472] - Cmd-click doesn't work in PageSelector


  • [SBTWO-4320] - Allow long resource names in popup
  • [SBTWO-4693] - Improvements for Go redirects management
  • [SBTWO-4921] - Make TinyMCE produce HTML5-valid html
  • [SBTWO-5176] - Introduce support to content editor for users quoting code in the content of a page
  • [SBTWO-5186] - csv downloads for stats other than the summary
  • [SBTWO-5359] - Allow API users to use Go addresses to identify their pages
  • [SBTWO-5405] - Don't show popout for current page in vertical nav
  • [SBTWO-5424] - Add 'About' link to Warwick bar (ID6)
  • [SBTWO-5434] - Upgrade to TinyMCE 3.5
  • [SBTWO-5436] - FileEtagGenerator could return strong Etags
  • [SBTWO-5473] - Steal StackOverflow's styling for <kbd>

New Feature


  • [SBTWO-3794] - Too easy to click back and resubmit form (with error)
  • [SBTWO-5404] - Add Steve C to god list
  • [SBTWO-5432] - HTML in Formsbuilder responses is rendered as raw code in PDF