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Sitebuilder 2.275 - 26th November 2012 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.275 was released on 26th November 2012. Highlights from this release include:

Page Templates

A major new piece of functionality based around templated pages and sets of pages has now been released. This functionality allows you to create either a single page as a template, or a set of pages. You could for example create a template based around the standard content for a module, and then create pages from this base template; this also allows you to substitute text on creation of the pages from the template.

To save a page as a template, you must be an editor on the site root. You will then see a new "Save pages as template" icon when you go to Edit section.

The interface for changing the page type when creating a page or editing the properties of an existing page has been completely reworked. This change reflects that many individual page types are, in themselves, simply single-page templates - a slideshow page, for example, is simply a single page template containing a slideshow.

As a site admin, you can see all of the templates that have been created in the current site and set their visibility in the Create Page screen:

New design for Form and Quiz pages

We've refreshed the design for Form and Quiz pages to make them prettier, and this also massively improves how they look on mobile and tablet devices.

General improvements and bug fixes

  • A bug that made it impossible to create a calendar event ending at midnight has been fixed
  • Embedded YouTube videos now work correctly when popped out and on mobile devices
  • A bug that stopped forum attachments from being added when quoting another post has been fixed
  • RSS feeds with Unicode BOMs now work correctly in RSS page types


  • [SBTWO-5611] - Edit permission screen for data set
  • [SBTWO-5971] - Page details edits don't save on creating page from a template
  • [SBTWO-5994] - Templates stay hidden despite being selected as visible


  • [SBTWO-5769] - Cannot add a calendar event which ends at midnight
  • [SBTWO-5789] - Native YouTube player on mobile devices
  • [SBTWO-5845] - Can't remove extra false choice on detailed single question
  • [SBTWO-5980] - Table pop-out link being added unnecessarily
  • [SBTWO-5983] - Glossary page - selected content not always displaying
  • [SBTWO-5986] - Deleting a template page throws Exception
  • [SBTWO-5991] - Long option in pair of dropdown lists causes extra drop down to appear
  • [SBTWO-5993] - Forum message attachment not working when quoting other posts


  • [SBTWO-5859] - Responsive design for FormsBuilder and QuizBuilder
  • [SBTWO-5956] - RSS pages should ignore the UTF-8 BOM at the start of a feed
  • [SBTWO-5977] - Return to site homepage if sb2ReturnToPage hasn't been set
  • [SBTWO-5978] - Page template menu UI tweaks
  • [SBTWO-5982] - Display message if no visible templates available
  • [SBTWO-5984] - Remove full URL path from edit section title for template pages
  • [SBTWO-5987] - Remove bootstrap container padding on forms and quizzes
  • [SBTWO-5992] - Update title attributes for template replaceable text screens

New Feature


  • [SBTWO-5979] - Remove obsolete CreateFromTemplateCommand
  • [SBTWO-5985] - Disallow sites to be included in templates
  • [SBTWO-5995] - Release page templates