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Sitebuilder 2.287 - Monday 12th August 2013 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.287 was released on Monday 12th August 2013. Highlights from this release include:

New sliding menus on mobile devices

When you view Warwick website pages on a mobile device, you'll now get two sliding menus in the bar at the top. On the left is the navigation, and on the right is search and utility links such as to sign in or out.

General improvements and fixes

  • A bug that caused videos not to play in IE10 has been fixed
  • If you use Google Analytics, we've enabled Enhanced Link Attribution on all pages on
  • We've improved Forum pages on mobile devices
  • Events calendars are now clearer on how to add an event
  • Formsbuilder submission editing should work again
  • A bug that caused an error to display that URLs would be too long when copying (when they wouldn't) has been fixed
  • Page admins can now give themselves 'Edit Submissions' permissions
  • Page tracking information is now accessible again
  • A bug that meant sometimes template creators couldn't edit templates has been fixed
  • A bug that caused some sitemaps not to display has been fixed
  • A bug that caused sortable tables not to sort has been fixed


  • [SBTWO-6376] - Page Admins cannot add themselves to 'Edit Submissions' permission level
  • [SBTWO-6392] - Cannot view page tracking information
  • [SBTWO-6416] - Template creator cannot edit template
  • [SBTWO-6419] - Site map template can throw exception
  • [SBTWO-6423] - Video not playing: Intermittent 'invalid source' error
  • [SBTWO-6424] - Double-escaped HTML on View Submissions page
  • [SBTWO-6428] - Sortable tables not sorting
  • [SBTWO-6435] - Customer unable to edit field of a Formsbuilder submission
  • [SBTWO-6438] - Multi-choice ratings set display of saved results is erratic
  • [SBTWO-6442] - Page copy: URL length check ignores "current page only"
  • [SBTWO-6443] - Problems with range requests and If-Match headers


  • [SBTWO-6114] - Analytics: enable Enhanced Link Attribution
  • [SBTWO-6266] - Allow resource and booking rule multiplicity to be any number
  • [SBTWO-6284] - 'Add topic' needs two clicks on touch devices
  • [SBTWO-6308] - Booking information can get cached in IE
  • [SBTWO-6369] - On an events calendar show link on hover to create new event
  • [SBTWO-6386] - Prevent you typing more than the allowed character limit into a field
  • [SBTWO-6413] - Include field name when form elements are rendered
  • [SBTWO-6440] - remove hardcoded styling

New Feature

  • [SBTWO-6382] - Sliding navigation/utilities on mobile site



  • [SBTWO-6414] - Help text tags for Event Management