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Sitebuilder 2.330 - Friday 10th July 2015

Sitebuilder 2.330 was released on Friday 10th July 2015. Highlights from this release include:

  • Upgrade to the latest ID7 design assets
  • Improvements to Atom feed parsing
  • It's now possible to include PNGs in slideshows

Release Notes - Sitebuilder2 - Version 2.330


  • [SBTWO-7219] - ID7: JS error when selecting a calendar event
  • [SBTWO-7223] - Put 'Show <h1> page header on homepage' checkbox in ID7 site settings UI
  • [SBTWO-7226] - Valid Atom feed caused renderExceptionToken


  • [SBTWO-7218] - Allow option to include PNGs on slideshow pages


  • [SBTWO-7239] - Give u1473320 access to sb admin screen