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Sitebuilder 2.338 - Friday 5th February 2016

Sitebuilder 2.338 was released on Friday 5th February 2016. It was a general bugfix release.


  • [SBTWO-7198] - Content audit report not working in Firefox
  • [SBTWO-7364] - News items: heading pushed away from the top if there's a picture floating to the left
  • [SBTWO-7367] - SiteBuilder XSS vulnerability
  • [SBTWO-7388] - Stop FB auto-focussing on 'Other' field on render


  • [SBTWO-7338] - Update branding on 'access refused' page
  • [SBTWO-7366] - Improve wording/etc for 'Edit your privacy statement' page


  • [SBTWO-7184] - Querying page tracking data hangs then returns no results


  • [SBTWO-7385] - Remove hyphen from 'Confirm e-mail address' in Formsbuilder email field