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Single sign-on 4.63 - Tuesday 10th September 2013

Single sign-on 4.63 was released on Tuesday 10th September 2013. Highlights from this release include:

General improvements and fixes

  • A bug that caused some users, who have become Postgraduate Research staff after previously being students, to be incorrectly identified as students has been fixed
  • The forgotten password screen now shows your username at the start of the recovery process, to allow you to recover a lost username
  • Repeated failed authentication attempts or account recoveries will now cause users to be blacklisted for a short period to prevent brute force attacks


  • [SSO-1451] - Two factor FAQ popovers fall off the bottom


  • [SSO-1356] - Change wording on reset password screen depending on options
  • [SSO-1460] - Better ways of determining whether a user from AD is staff or student
  • [SSO-1461] - Show your username at the start of the forgotten username/password process

New Feature

  • [SSO-1459] - Blacklist IP addresses after a certain number of failed authentication attempts


  • [SSO-1441] - Throttle access to password recovery
  • [SSO-1442] - Re-enable alternative email account recovery