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IDP Consent Technical Information

As part of the Single Sign-on system at Warwick, we run an identity provider (IdP). Our IdP is trusted by a number of service providers to provide accurate information about people with a Warwick ITS Account. It handles authentication with some internal services, such as AD FS (e.g. for Office365, ServiceNow and SuccessFactors/Concur). It is also used for Library journal access, the Students' Union, organisations such as StudentBeans (to verify student status) and a number of other external services.

The IdP only releases personal details (such as name, email, department) to a carefully curated set of service providers. We typically add providers to this set on request, via support calls. Personal details are currently sent to these approved service providers automatically, without asking or telling the user. From December 12th 2019, we will tell users:

  • Where their data will be sent (who is providing the service)
  • What data will be shared (the exact attributes and values that will be shared with the service)
  • How the service will handle their data (if a privacy policy is available)

To access the service, users must then approve the information sharing.