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About custom templates

Custom templates are a page (or group of pages) you create yourself and then save as a template for reuse on your site. It's an efficient way to set up pages that share common content, layout or sub-page hierarchy – for example, a module, staff profile or course description.

Say each module in your department's site has the following page hierarchy:

  • Topmost module page (summary, convenor, credits)
    • Assessment
    • Reading list
    • Schedule

By creating these four pages with sample content, and saving as a custom template, you and others can create module pages that share a consistent design and structure.

You can specify replaceable text to help make particular content consistent. In the module example, you could use replaceable text to consistently append the module code to the title:

Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies (TH114)

Note: you create custom templates yourself. All SiteBuilder sites include the default page templates, such as news, calendars, discussion forums and so on.



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