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Accessibility checklist

This checklist gives advice on the main accessibility issues you should address and gives details of some free checking tools and techniques you can use. There are checks that need you to review the content you've created by eye, for example to to avoid complexity, text in images or to make sure the layout is uncluttered but luckily this doesnt require deep technical knowledge.

Please feel free to seek help if you are not sure what you have to do.

More help will be provided

SiteBuilder, our content publishing system, takes care of some things you. For example:

  • content reflows, when magnified and on tablets and mobile devices
  • a text-only web browser allows the site to be read in a minimal way

We hope to make further changes to content editing in the future, to help check for accessibility when you are creating and editing web pages.

Web editing is a major part of my job

If the majority of your job is related to web work, if you don't already then you will need to get a fairly good understanding of the principles of accessibility and the web standard that is WCAG 2.1. We suggest you follow the steps below.

Get started

Do an audit of your website to work out what pages you need to make accessible first to comply with legislation

Apply basic checks

Inspect your public web pages to ensure these rules have been followed and adjust to suit. Tackle more popular pages first.

Accessibility training

There are lots of training materials available. This video on accessibility examines different personas, gives a good coverage of what to do, you will need to get a subscription, though.

Understand WCAG 2.1

Public pages must meet the AA WCAG 2.1 standard. Get familiar with what you need to do. Start updating your pages following the guidance here.