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How do I create an image gallery?

Use the gallery page template to show image thumbnails in a grid layout (view an example). Visitors can view the full-size image in a ‘lightbox’ by clicking the thumbnail. Images stored on the Files tab automatically display in the gallery. The slideshow accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF file types.

  1. Browse to the parent page under which you want to create the gallery.
  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page. (You need edit or admin permissions on the parent page.)
  3. Select Change page template to expand the options, then select the Gallery page template.
  4. Specify whether to show image captions in the gallery. The caption is taken from the image's short title property and appears above the image thumbnail.

    Gallery page template options

  5. Specify whether to show image captions above the full-size version of the image when viewed in the lightbox. This caption is also taken from the image's short title property.
  6. Specify whether you want to enable commenting on the images. Permissions to comment are the same as the view permissions currently set for this page.
  7. Enter the size of thumbnails in pixels (the default is 160px). This number sets the maximum width or height (whichever is largest).
  8. Enter the URL, page heading, title bar caption and link caption. For a description of these properties, see: how do I create a new blank page?
  9. Enter the keywords and page contact.
  10. When you have finished editing the page properties, select the Create new page button. A confirmation message appears with a link to view the new page. Follow the link to view the published page.
  11. Go to Edit > More > Files tab and upload your images. Each image automatically displays in the gallery. For more information, see the help article on how to upload a file.


When using images, it's important to consider people who use assistive technology such as screen readers. Always provide a text-based alternative to describe the image – refer to our guidance on providing text-based alternatives to visual media.


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