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Module page template

Use the module page template to display information about a specific module on your website. The information comes from Module Catalogue which pulls information from SITS.

Note: Updating Module Approval will not cause a change to appear in SiteBuilder until the data has been pushed to SITS (which in some cases will require an approval).

  1. Go to the page under which you want to create the calendar.
  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page. (You need edit or admin permissions on the parent page.)
  3. Select Change page template to expand the options, then select Module.
  4. Enter the full SITS code including CATS and the year.
    Create module page
  5. Expand Add page properties.
  6. Enter the URLPage headingTitle bar caption and Link caption. For a description of these properties, see: create a new blank page.
  7. Enter the keywords and page contact.
  8. When you have finished editing the page properties, select Create new page.


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