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How do I create a podcast page?

Use the podcast page template to show audio and video files in date order. You upload audio and video files to the page, and visitors can subscribe via RSS to receive notifications when new podcasts are available. Also, you can record new podcasts directly in the page.

We support the following file formats:

  • Audio: mp3
  • Video: mp4, m4v, mov, avi (note mov and avi files are just provided as links)

Create a podcast page

  1. Browse to the parent page under which you want to create a podcast page.
  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page.
  3. Select Change page template to expand the Template options, and select Podcast:
    Podcast template option
  4. Specify the number of podcast items to show when the page loads by entering a number in Number of recent items. (Older items are accessible via pagination links.)
  5. The displayed ‘author’ of a podcast item defaults to the person who uploads the audio or video file. If you prefer the displayed ‘author’ to be the page contact, select Use page contact as podcast item author.
  6. Specify whether visitors can comment by (un)selecting the checkbox Allow comments on podcast items.
  7. Enter the URL, page heading, title bar caption and link caption. (For a description of these properties, see: How do I create a new blank page?)
  8. Specify the keywords and page contact.
  9. When you've finished editing the page properties, select the Create new page button. You'll see a confirmation message with a link to view the new page.

Upload a podcast

  1. Go to your podcast page and follow the link Add a new podcast.
  2. Select Upload a file.
  3. Select the Choose file or Browse button and browse to the file on your computer. We support the following file formats: mp3, mp4, m4v, mov and avi.
  4. Enter a Podcast title and Description.
  5. Enter keywords separated by commas describing the podcast.
    Create podcast item
  6. When you've finished editing the properties, select the Create button. Your new podcast is published on your page:
    New podcast item published

Record a podcast directly in SiteBuilder

You can record a podcast using your computer's microphone and webcam.

Note on Wi-Fi: The podcast recorder needs a constant internet connection. If you're connected via Wi-Fi and the connection breaks, you may see an error when recording. Also, when using Wi-Fi you must connect securely using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to record successfully.

  1. Go to your podcast page and follow the link Add a new podcast.
  2. Select Record a new podcast.
  3. Enter the Title, Description and Keywords for the podcast item.
  4. Select Audio entry or Video entry, depending on the type of podcast you want to record:
    Record podcast options
  5. You'll be prompted to allow the recorder to access your microphone and webcam. Select Allow.
  6. To adjust the microphone recording volume (if necessary), right-click on the recorder, select Settings then select the microphone icon:
    Adjust microphone recording volume
  7. When ready, select the Record button.
  8. When you're finished recording you can review it. If you're happy with your recording, select the Save button. The new podcast is published on your podcast page.

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