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Create a new tab in the navigation menu

As you create new pages beneath your home page, they automatically appear in the local navigation menu. The first row displays top-level pages and persists throughout the site, with sub-pages in the second row:

ID7 local navigation example

Note: SiteBuilder automatically replicates your site structure in the navigation menu. It's not possible to add your own tabs that link to pages you specify. (You can set the visibility and order of pages in the navigation menu.)

Create a new top-level page

  1. Browse to your site's home page.
  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page.
  3. Under Add page properties, fill out the properties.
  4. Select the checkbox Show in local navigation.
  5. Publish your new page. You should see it in the first row of the navigation menu. (Refresh your browser if you don't see the new page in the menu immediately.)

Move an existing page to the top level

The menu levels mirror your site's structure. To show an existing page, which is further down in the structure, in the first row of the navigation menu:

  1. Move the page up directly beneath your home page.
  2. Ensure the topmost page in the section is set to display in the local navigation – go to Edit > Edit page properties and select the checkbox Show in local navigation.

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