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How do I show an email address in a page?

There are two ways you can show an email address in a SiteBuilder page and protect it from spammers. The first is to use the page contact, which appears in the footer of all pages.

The second method is to wrap the email address in an [email] tag. The address displays in the page, is readable and clickable, yet obfuscated in the page html. This makes it more difficult for spammers to find the address.

To add an email address to a page:

  1. Browse to the page you wish to edit.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit centre content (or Edit right content).
  3. In the toolbar, go to Link options… > Email link.
  4. In the Insert email link window, enter the email address in the text box:

    Insert email link window

  5. Select the Insert button. The email address now shows in the content editor – for example:

  6. When you have finished editing the page, select the Publish button in the toolbar. You should see the email address in the published page. When clicking the email address, a new draft email opens in your default email client.

Note: From a usability perspective, it's best to use the email address as the link caption. This makes what will happen when you click the link obvious. While it's possible to use the [email] tag to show an alternative link caption e.g.:

[email]email me[/email]

…this does not make it any easier or harder for spammers to collect the address. The only concern should be the usability issue.


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