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How do I edit my ID7 home page layout?

ID7 page layouts are made up of editable ‘content blocks’. Each slide, news feed, events list or feature is self-contained within a content block. This enables you to edit the content of individual parts of the page without affecting the overall page layout.

The following image shows a typical home page layout – there's a slideshow, boxes with text content and a featured item with background image:

Example ID7 home page layout

The slideshows and content blocks are in data list pages directly beneath your home page. You can view them by either of the following:

  • Select the Edit slideshow, Edit content blocks or Edit tabs buttons in your home page
  • Go to Edit > More > Sub-pages tab

For example, the Slideshow plus feature layout shown above has two data list pages beneath the home page named slides and hp-contents:

Sub-pages tab

Note: Data list pages do not show a history of edits in Edit > More > History tab.

For more information on how to edit the individual components of an ID7 page layout, see the following guidance:

Image dimensions

Large header image that spans the full width of the page: 1,170px wide x 375px high

Small slideshow image (spans two columns): 745px wide x 325px high

Item feature 1 (spans two colums): 745px wide x 240px high

Item feature 2 (spans one column): 354px wide x 240px high


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