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What options can I use with the slideshow tag?

You can configure the [slideshow] tag with the following options. To specify an option, include it in the opening tag – for example:

[slideshow scaleMode=scaleToFit][/slideshow]

To retrieve images from a page other than the current page, specify the path between the [slideshow] tags like so:


The table below lists all possible options, their default value and what they do:

Option Default value Comments
General settings
backgroundColour #FFFFFF background color, can be set to transparent
scaleMode downscaleToFit how to scale images:
scale the image so that it fits inside the viewport
scale the image so that it fills the entire viewport
does not scale the image
scales the image to fit the viewport only if the resulting image has smaller dimensions than the original
scales the image to fill the viewport only if the resulting image has smaller dimensions than the original
backgroundImage   background image url
delay 3 seconds to pause between items when playing
fullScreenScaleMode scaleToFit see scaleMode - options for scaling when in full screen mode (see showFullScreenButton)
onAlbumEnd loop behaviour when the slideshow reaches the end:
loads an URL defined by onAlbumEndURL in target defined by onAlbumEndTarget
loops back to the start of the slideshow
shows the navigation window
onAlbumEndURL   the URL that is loaded if onAlbumEnd is "loadURL"
onAlbumEndTarget   the target that the URL onAlbumEndURL is loaded into
onLoadError displayErrorImage behaviour when an image fails to load
displays an error image if a load error occurs
skips to the next image if a load error occurs
note: if the consecutive number of errors exceeds 5, the error image is displayed.
randomize false set to true to randomise the order of images in the slideshow
renderQuality high low, medium, high or best
higher qualities use more computing power
viewport 0, 0, 0, 0 specifies the viewport that the images are displayed in. The format is x, y, width, height where x, y are the top left coordinates of the viewport. You can also specify the viewport as left, top, right, bottom, "offset", in which case the viewport scales along with the Flash window and the 4 coordinates functions as margins. For example, a value of 10, 20, 30, 40, offset will place the viewport 10px from the left, 20px from the top, 30px from the right and 40px from the bottom of the Flash window.
viewportRoundness 0 the roundness of the viewport in pixels
startWithNavigationWindow true if true, the slideshow starts with the navigation window showing thumbnails of the images, and one must be selected for the slideshow to start
Transition settings
time 1 the length of time of the transition in settings
pauseTransitionTime 1 see time, but for when the user is using the next and previous buttons
direction leftToright topToBottom, bottomToTop, leftToRight, rightToLeft
used when the type is flow, lightRays, swap or wipe
kenBurnsMode none randomPan
randomly pans accross the item
randomZoomIn, randomZoomOut, randomZoom
randomly zooms the item
randomly zoom or pans accross the item
autoPan, autoPanBackwards
always show the entire item by panning horizontally or vertically
3D, 3DBackwards
gently rotates the item in 3D
randomly rotates the item in 3D or in backwards 3D
randomly chooses a Ken Burns Mode, except for autoPan or autoPanBackwards
don't apply the Ken Burns effect
kenBurnsStrength 0.25 how much the Ken Burns effect will apply (0-1)
kenBurnsTime 6 the time in seconds to play the Ken Burns effect for
pivotPoint topLeft topRight, bottomRight, bottomLeft, topLeft
used when the type is pivot
size 0.1 the size of the transition type applied (if type is noise, spark, water, waterDrop, wipe)
strength 0.1 the strength of the transition type (if type is noise, spark, water, waterDrop)
type blend blend, bubbles, flash, flow, focusFade, greyscale, iris, lightRays (effected by strength), melt (effected by strength), noise (effected by size and strength), pivot, push, RGBBlur (effected by size and strength), selfMelt (effected by strength), shatter (effected by strength), spark (effected by size and strength), spot (effected by strength), swap, TVDistort (effected by size and strength), water (effected by size and strength), waterDrop (effected by size and strength), wipe (effected by size), zoomIn (effected by strength), zoomOut (effected by strength)
note: the following transitions overwrite the Ken Burns effect: melt, swap, flow
Caption settings
captionBackgroundAlpha 0 the opacity of the background (0-1)
captionBackgroundColor #000000 the background color of the caption element
captionBackgroundRoundness 10 the roundness of the caption element in pixels
captionBackgroundType fitCompleteText fitCompleteText
fits the background around the complete text field. this results in a rectangular shape.
fits the background around the individual text lines. this results in multiple rectangular shapes.
captionDisplayMode always always
always display the caption
only display caption when the mouse hovers over the slideshow
never display the caption
captionMargin 10, 10, 10, 10 margin around the caption element
captionPadding 5, 5, 5, 5 padding inside the caption element
captionShowCount false set to true to show the index of an image and the total number of images in front of the caption title
captionPosition bottomLeft topCenter, topRight, rightCenter, bottomRight, bottomCenter, bottomLeft, leftCenter, topLeft, center
captionSpacing 0 spacing between the title and the description text in pixels
captionStrokeColor #FFFEF1 color of the stroke around the caption element
captionStrokeWidth 0 width of the stroke around the caption element in pixels
captionWidth 100% width of the caption in pixels or percent, or 0 to fit to the text
captionTextAlign left left, right, center
captionTitleColor #FFFFFF color of the text
captionTitleCondenseWhiteSpace false condenses white space
captionTitleFont Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif name of a system font
captionTitleSize 12 text size in pixels
captionTitleStyle normal normal or italic
captionTitleType normal normal or none (to hide the title)
captionTitleWeight bold normal or bold
captionDescriptionColor #FFFFFF color of the text
captionDescriptionCondenseWhiteSpace false condenses white space
captionDescriptionFont Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif name of a system font
captionDescriptionSize 12 text size in pixels
captionDescriptionStyle normal normal or italic
captionDescriptionType normal normal or none (to hide the description)
captionDescriptionWeight bold normal or bold
captionShadowAlpha 0.5 the opacity of the shadow (0-1)
captionShadowColor #000000 color of the shadow
captionShadowSize 0 size of the shadow in pixels
Controller settings
controlsAutoHide true auto hides the controller after controlsDisappearDelay seconds
autoPlay true automatically plays the slideshow
controlsBackgroundAlpha 0.75 background opacity of the controller element (0-1)
controlsBackgroundColor #000000 background color of the controller element
controlsBackgroundRoundness 30 roundness of the controller element in pixels
controlsDisappearDelay 3 time in seconds before the controller element hides away. time starts running when there's no mouse interaction.
controlsDisappearMode horizontal horizontal, vertical, fade
specifies if the controller should disappear horizontally, vertically. or fade out in place
controlsMargin 20, 20, 20, 20 margin around controller element
controlsPadding 10, 10, 10, 10 padding inside the controller element
controlsPosition bottomRight topCenter, topRight, rightCenter, bottomRight, bottomCenter, bottomLeft, leftCenter, topLeft, center
showFullScreenButton false set to true to allow users to view the slideshow in full screen mode
showNextButton true show the next button
showPreviousButton true show the previous button
showPlayButton true show the play button
startHidden false hides the controller when the slideshow first loads
controlsType normal none to hide the controller, normal to show
Reflection settings
reflectionAlpha 0.5 opacity of the reflection (0-1)
reflectionHeight 0 height of the reflection in pixels
reflectionOffset 1 space between the item and the reflection
Watermark settings
markAlpha 1 opacity of the object (0-1)
markMargin 10, 10, 10, 10 space around the object
markPosition topRight topCenter, topRight, rightCenter, bottomRight, bottomCenter, bottomLeft, leftCenter, topLeft, center
markSource   url to the mark file (image or .SWF)
Thumbnails window settings
navigationMargin 20, 20, 20, 20 space around the navigation element