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Create or edit event tags

Tags, which you define yourself (e.g. ‘Conferences’, ‘Postgraduate’ or ‘Research seminar’), can help visitors filter a busy calendar by their own interests. If you manage a department's calendar, using tags for the main audiences is a good way to organise the calendar e.g. for undergraduate, postgraduate, students and staff. Another benefit of tags is when embedding an events list in a web page; you can choose to show a feed of events that have a certain tag.

  1. Go to your calendar page.
  2. Click Edit tags:

    Edit tags

  3. To add a new tag, click Create new tag. Otherwise, click Edit next to the tag you want to update.
  4. Type the Name of your tag – for example, ‘Undergraduate’.
  5. Optionally, choose a colour.

    Create or edit tag

  6. Click Save.
  7. When you next create or edit an event, you can select the tag.

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