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Add option buttons to a form

Use option buttons to enable the respondent to select one option from a set of mutually exclusive options.
  1. Go to the form you wish to edit.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit formsbuilder page.
  3. Under Allow the user to make a choice, select Option buttons.
  4. In the Field name box, enter the name you want to appear as the column heading in the form submissions table.
  5. In the Label box, enter the question or instruction to show the respondent on the form – for example:

    Choose one option from the list
  6. In the Options box, enter the first option – for example:

  7. Select Add new item, then enter the rest of the options.

    Add or edit a set of option buttons

  8. Specify the default option when the form loads using the Selected option button drop-down list. This can be any of the options or none of them.
  9. Choose whether to display the Label above the radio buttons or at the left. The Label displays at the left by default.
  10. To show the radio buttons only to editors of submissions – and hide them from respondents – select Only visible to editors.
  11. If you require at least one response to the question, select User must tick at least one option.
  12. Select Save.
  13. Select Done at the top right to view the published form.

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