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Enable visitors to resubmit or edit their form submissions

The form administrator can specify whether visitors can submit the form once only or several times. Also, the administrator can specify whether someone can edit their latest submission.

  1. Go to the form you wish to edit.
  2. Go Edit > Edit FormsBuilder page.
  3. In the Modify the form section, select Form properties.
  4. Select the appropriate radio button at the top of the page:

    • Users can submit multiple copies of the form
    • Logged-in users can submit just one copy of this form and can't change it later
    • Logged-in users can submit just one copy of this form but can change it later. If you choose this option, you must ensure your form contains a personal details field so that SiteBuilder can identify who submitted the form initially. You can include any or all of the following fields: University ID; User code; Full name; Email.

Note: The appearance of a form doesn't change when you edit the properties described above. Visitors aren't automatically emailed to tell them how the form works. Therefore, consider how you might advise people whether they can resubmit or edit their latest submission. You could include this information in the instructions for the form, perhaps, or add a comment field to explain how submissions work.

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