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Review which members of a web group have not submitted a form

When a web group has permissions to view a form, you can review submissions to see which members of the web group have not submitted the form.

In this article:

Give view permissions to a web group

  1. First, create a form.
  2. Include a set of personal detail fields on the form – for example, University ID, full name and email.
  3. Update the privacy notice accordingly.
  4. Set the form properties.
  5. Go to Edit > Edit page permissions.
  6. In the Add permissions box, select This user or group.
  7. Enter the name of the web group. Select the group in the suggested matches:

    Give permission to a web group

  8. Give the group View permissions for the page.

Review who has not submitted the form

  1. Go to the form.
  2. Select View recent submissions.
  3. Select Not submitted below the submissions:

    Select the Not submitted button

  4. You can see the list of people who have not submitted the form. Note that the list is cross-referenced against all people who have permission to view the form. The list does not include editors, contributors or admins, or groups such as staff and students. There may be duplicates if a person is a member of more than one group.

    View which web group members have not submitted the form

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