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Adding or editing address fields

A set of address fields are a set of automatically created fields added in one go rather than having to create each field separately, and is very similar to the set of personal details.

  1. Go to the form page you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page or Edit this form from the bottom of the form. A list of edit options will appear on the left hand side of the form.
  3. Select the option in the left hand side under the Add a text box section - Address fields.

    Forms - add address fields

    The address fields are added automatically to your form and labels for each element are pre-provided. The added fields are:
    • Address line 1
    • Address line 2
    • Town or city
    • County
    • Postcode
    • Country
    You have the option of editing, deleting or moving any individual element within the address fields, using the editing tools to the left of each field.

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