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How do I use avatars in forums?

We use the third-party Gravatar service to show an avatar alongside posts in SiteBuilder discussion forums. You need to sign up to the Gravatar service to create your avatar and associate it with your Warwick email address. Gravatar is part of Automattic, the company behind

  1. Go to the Gravatar sign-up page.
  2. If you already have a account and avatar, sign in and associate your avatar with your Warwick email address at
  3. Alternatively, select the link sign up for free. You'll now see a page headed Signing up for Gravatar with
  4. Enter your Warwick email address, choose a username and password, then select the Sign up button. You should receive an email containing a link to confirm your account registration.
  5. Following the link in the email to confirm your account.
  6. Go to the Manage Gravatars page. Select your Warwick email address and choose an image for your avatar.
  7. Your avatar appears alongside your post in a SiteBuilder forum next time you post. (You need to be signed in for this to work.)

Avatars are enabled on forums at the discretion of the forum administrator. Your avatar does not appear if an administrator disables avatars in the forum properties.



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