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How do I manage forum permissions?

It's important to understand how to manage access permissions for your Sitebuilder Forum. Managing permissions correctly will mean you can control who is able to view, post replies, post new topics or delete posts.

Note: You need Admin permissions to assign permissions to others on any SiteBuilder page.
  1. Go to the Forum page where you want to update the permissions.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit page permissions.


    You can add permissions for the following people:
    • adduser.pngAny user, whether logged in or not: effectively the public domain – anyone inside or outside of Warwick.
    • Any university member (staff or student): anyone at Warwick who is signed in.
    • Staff and PG research students: all staff and postgraduate research students who are signed in.
    • Staff only: all staff members who are signed in.
    • This user or group: individual usercodes or user groups you specify (eg pupils on a particular course or module).
  3. Next choose the level of permissions to grant to your selected people:
    • View permission: they can view the forum and read topics and replies. They can also 'like' posts and flag posts to moderators.
    • Reply to topics permission: they can reply to topics.
    • Add new topics permission: they can add new topics for discussion.
    • Moderate topics permission: they can add new topics and edit topic properties, and edit and delete replies.

      Note: Other permissions settings are the same as basic SiteBuilder pages and are defined on the permission types page.

  4. After you have selected a user or group, and specified the level of permissions, select the tick button permissionstick.png to add these permissions.

How to remove permissions from a forum page

  1. To view a page's current permissions, go to Edit > Edit page permissions. The permissions are listed at the left-hand side.
  2. To remove permissions from a user or group, hover over their name and click the red cross button remove_page_permissions. User permissions must be removed separately from each section on the left-hand side. For example, removing User1 from Add new topics permission does not imply they are removed from View permission.

For more information on page permissions in SiteBuilder, see our Editing page permissions FAQs.


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