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Reply to a discussion topic

  1. Ensure that you are signed in to
  2. Browse to the forum topic you want to reply to.
  3. Select Reply – there are Reply buttons above and below the discussion:

    Reply buttons above and below discussion topic

  4. The Title box is populated with the topic title by default. Enter your reply in the Message box. You can use the toolbar to add basic formatting such as bold or italics, insert images and add links.
  5. To attach a file to your reply so others can download it via the forum, go to the Add attachments section and select Browse/Choose files. Browse to the file on your computer and select it. The filename appears next to the button.

    Post a reply

  6. When you have finished writing your reply, select Post reply. Your reply appears at the bottom of the topic.
  7. Depending on the permissions set by the forum owner, you may be able to edit your post. Hover anywhere over your reply – if you have edit permissions, the Edit button appears:

    Edit reply button

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