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Change the owner of a Go redirect

A Go redirect can have multiple owners but must have at least one. Existing owners can add or remove owners at any time – for example, when staff join or leave the University. If the owner of the Go redirect you wish to edit is no longer at the University, contact webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk to request a change of ownership.
  1. Go to
  2. Select the My redirects tab.
  3. Select the edit button next to the relevant Go redirect:

    My redirects

  4. You can add or remove owners in the Owners section, though there must always be at least one. To add an owner, enter their usercode in the box, then select Add owner:

    Add a new Go redirect owner

  5. When you have finished updating the owners, select Done.

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Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
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