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Relative and absolute links

There are two methods to specify a link between web pages.

A relative link specifies the path from the current page to the target page. It looks something like ../../faqs/. Use relative links within your website and to link to other Warwick sites in SiteBuilder. Selecting links via the link picker tool inserts relative links automatically.

The absolute path is the full URL of the target page – for example:

Use the absolute path when you link to external sites.

Relative links help to reduce the risk of broken links, should you rename pages above the page containing the relative link.

A relative link is based on your current page's location in the structure relative to the target page. So, bear in mind the structure of your site. Imagine this diagram represents your structure, and you want to link from about to news:

Diagram of a web page structure

The relative link denoted by the black arrows is ../news/

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