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How do I create a filtered news view?

A filtered news view is a useful way of creating a news page showing a subset of news, so people only see news with specified tags. A filtered news page can be used to show news on a particular topic, for example, or for a specific audience.

  1. Go to the parent page where you would like to create the filtered news page.
  2. Go Edit > Create a new page.
  3. Select Change template and select the News filter page template. Some additional fields will appear.

    Create a news filter page

  4. Select the page picker icon to the right of the News URL to locate the main news page you wish to filter news items from, or just paste the URL in the box.
  5. Enter your Tags to show. Only news items with the selected tags will show on the filtered news page.
  6. Edit the Number of recent items to display as many news items you want to display on a page.
  7. Complete all the rest of the page properties as you would usually do.
  8. Select Create new page.
  9. Select Done to view the published page.

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