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Convert a page to the Components Editor

This help article covers how to convert a page to the Components Editor. As part of the conversion process, you can edit the page within the Components Editor and preview it to ensure it appears as you want it to. Until you publish the page, the conversion can be cancelled.

Important: once you complete the conversion process by publishing the page in the Components Editor, it's not possible to edit the page using the old visual editor or the raw editor. Previous versions of the page that were published using these editors can be viewed in the page history, but cannot be restored. Subsequent versions of the page, published using the Components Editor, can be viewed and restored.

  1. Browse to the page you want to convert.
  2. Select Edit > More.
  3. On the Current page tab, select Convert to Components Editor.

    Note: it's not currently possible to convert certain complex pages, such as homepage layouts and staff filter pages. We're working on making conversion of these pages as simple as possible and will announce when we've done this on the SiteBuilder noticeboard.

  4. You see the content of your page in the Components Editor. Make any changes you want to the content, then select Preview to see how the converted page will look when published.

    Note: Components Editor pages do not have separately edited centre content and right-hand content. You edit all the content of your page in the same place and can divide content into different sections using layout blocks. When you convert a page that has centre content and right-hand content, this is combined onto one page, utilising layout blocks.
  5. If you're happy with how the page appears, select Publish.
  6. You see a pop-up confirmation box. To go ahead with the conversion, select Publish and convert. After doing this, you will be able to edit the page with the Components Editor only, not with the old visual editor or the raw editor.

    Note: you can cancel the conversion process at any point until you publish the page. To do this, select Cancel, then Discard. The page is not converted and remains editable using the old visual editor and raw editor. To begin the conversion process again, repeat the steps above.

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