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Description page property

The description property should give a pithy summary of your page between 50 and 300 characters in length. It populates the meta description tag in your page. Search engines may show the description in search results, though it's more typical for search engines to generate their own text snippet based on your page content.

Although it's not a Google ranking factor, a clear, compelling description can encourage people to select through from search results.

Note that search engines:

  • embolden keywords in the description that match the user's search query, so try to include important keywords in your description
  • do not always show your description where it exists
  • show a snippet from your page content when the description property is empty

To add or edit the description property:

  1. Go to Edit > Edit page properties.
  2. Under the Change page properties section, enter or edit the description in the Description text box:

    Page description property

  3. Select Save changes.
  4. The description is now added to your page's meta description tag – for example:

    <meta name="description" content="Booking form for students and staff to schedule screenings in the School of Architecture's AV room, Humanities Building.">

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