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Restrict who can book a resource

You can control who can view a resource bookings page using permissions, similar to any other SiteBuilder page. Also, you can restrict the ability to book resources to one of the following groups:

  • All staff and students
  • Staff and postgraduate research students
  • Students
  • Members of a webgroup

Note: modifying the booking permissions affects all resources on a bookings page.

  1. Go to the resource bookings page.

  2. Go to Manage resources > Settings:

    The 'Manage resources' menu with the 'Settings' option highlighted
  3. Scroll down to the Permissions section.

  4. Select an option under Allow bookings from.

    The 'Permissions' section of the Edit Bookings Page screen

    • If you don't know the name of a webgroup you want to add, select the magnifying glass icon to search:


      Use the radio buttons to show all webgroups you are a member of, those that exist within your department, or groups containing text you enter. Select an entry in the list to add it to the booking page permissions, or use the Create a new group link to define a new one.

  5. Select Save changes to apply your chosen permissions.

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