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Mobile experience

Visitors expect a good experience on your website, irrespective of the device or technology they use. It's important to consider how your content appears across devices and at different screen widths.

Mobile device usage

In 2018, 30% of sessions on the University website were via a mobile or tablet:

Pie chart of sessions on in 2018. Mobile traffic 26%. Tablet traffic 4%. Desktop traffic 70%.

SiteBuilder and mobile devices

All SiteBuilder websites in the ID7 template automatically display appropriately at different screen sizes. On smaller screens, the content automatically reflows into columns. On the smallest screen sizes, such as a phone, content stacks in a single column.

Test your website on mobile devices

When you've made your website, look at it on as many devices as you can. It's useful to experience using your site on a mobile device, particularly if you have designed or customised any layouts.

Testing the mobile experience can give you ideas on how to:

  • improve your writing to communicate information at the top of the page
  • organise chunks of information by importance, from top to bottom
  • include links in the body text, not just the sidebar, which reflows to the bottom of the page on small screens
  • optimise button size and placement