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Use content from another page

Use the Content feed component to embed the content of another web page. When the source page updates, your retrieving page updates automatically.

Note: When a Content feed uses an old visual editor page as its source, only the source page's centre content will be displayed. If the source page was created with the Components Editor, all page content will appear in the feed.

If you're using the old visual editor, you can use the content feed page template to fetch content.

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to embed content from another page.

  2. Select Edit > Edit centre content:


  3. Place the cursor where you want to embed your content.

  4. Select Feeds > Content feed from another page:

    The 'Add content feed' menu, with the 'Content feed from another page' option highlighted

  5. The Remote content pop-up appears:

    The 'Remote content' pop-up

  6. To embed content from another SiteBuilder page:

    • Leave the From a SiteBuilder page checkbox selected.

    • Enter the last part of the URL (the part after in the Source page box. For example, to embed the News and Events page, enter /newsandevents/.

  7. To embed content from an external web page:

    • Unselect the From a SiteBuilder page checkbox.

    • Enter the target page's entire URL (including http:// or https://) in the Source page box.

  8. If Rewrite links to point to linked page is selected, any links in the embedded content will be adjusted relative to the host page.

  9. Select Add remote content.

Tip: Content feeds can be moved or placed inside block layouts like any other component to further customise your page.

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