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Copy a calendar event

If an event you want to create is similar to an existing one, it can be faster to copy the event and update the relevant details.

  1. Navigate to your event page and locate the event you want to create a copy of.

    • In 4 Days, Week, 4 Weeks, Month or Term view, select the event summary in the calendar, then select the Copy button:

      A selected event summary in Month view, with the button to copy the event highlighted

    • In Day or Agenda view, select Copy item beneath the event:

      An event summary in Agenda view, with the option to copy the event highlighted

    • In Tiles view, select the Copy button at the bottom of the event tile:

      An event summary in Tile view, with the 'Copy' button highlighted

  2. Edit the event details as necessary.

  3. When you're finished setting up the event, select Create item.

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