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SiteBuilder release notes

SiteBuilder 2.580 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.580 on Wednesday 1st May 2024. Changes in this version include:

  • The Components Editor has a new look! Following consultation with SiteBuilder users, we've streamlined the user interface to improve the editing experience. We've also refreshed the SiteBuilder manual, which is up-to-date with the new UI. If you'd like to provide feedback on future updates and get previews of upcoming features, consider attending one of our SiteBuilder user group meetings.
  • The site map displayed when bulk converting content now links to the correct target pages.
  • News pages: When the Create a new web page with this detail checkbox is selected, the created page now uses the same editor as the news page. Previously, this always used the old visual editor, even if the parent news page used the Components Editor.
Thu 02 May 2024, 16:25

SiteBuilder 2.579 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.579 on Wednesday 17th April 2024. This update improves performance when generating sitemaps or bulk converting content to the Components Editor.

Fri 19 Apr 2024, 14:45

SiteBuilder 2.578 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.578 on Wednesday 10th April 2024. Changes in this update include:

  • New feature: Multi feed component. This new addition to the Components Editor adds a feed to your page which can combine news, events and other items from up to 10 sources, including RSS feeds.
  • New feature: Bulk convert pages to the Components Editor. Site admins can now quickly convert large numbers of simple pages in a single batch.
  • Item filter page template: The Tags filter section can now be positioned at the top of the page via the Tag filter position drop-down list in the page properties. Additionally, visitors to Item filter pages can collapse the tags list by selecting the Hide filters button on the published page.
  • The Current Page tab now displays a banner to alert editors of any automatically-detected accessibility issues. Note: Not all accessibility issues can be detected automatically, and we recommend manually checking page content for issues - see our accessibility checklist.
  • Old visual editor pages which use .gif files for icons should now display correctly after conversion to the Components Editor.
  • Page contact emails are now sent in HTML format, which improves how these display in Outlook.
Thu 11 Apr 2024, 10:31

SiteBuilder 2.577 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.577 on Tuesday 2nd April 2024. Changes in this version include:

  • Fixes and improvements to image handling in the upcoming Multi feed component.
Tue 09 Apr 2024, 13:40

SiteBuilder 2.576 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.576 on Monday 18th March 2024. Changes in this update include:

Wed 20 Mar 2024, 11:20

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