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Tabula release notes

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Tabula 2019.7.3 released

We released Tabula 2019.7.3 on Thursday 18 July 2019. This release features:

  • Accessibility improvements, including:
    • You can now use the <Tab> key to move between filter options and onto all dropdowns. You can also activate the buttons in reusable groups using the <Enter> key. This makes Tabula easier to navigate using only a keyboard.
  • Other improvements, including:
    • When you edit a monitoring point and attendance is re-checked, you can now choose which suggested attendance changes to apply.
    • When a student moves to a different small group, we now use a new icon on the attendance page for any affected events. In the old group, appears for all events after the date of the move. In the new group, appears for all events before the date of the move. In both cases, we display explanatory help text when you select the icon.
    • On the Assignments page of a student's profile, staff members now see links to any assignment summary page they have permission to view. This applies when masquerading as the student or viewing the page as yourself.
    • We no longer display a default maximum word count for assignments when you only specify a minimum word count.
    • When a manually added student on a monitoring scheme appears in filtered results from SITS, we've made it clear that you can only remove them via the 'Manually added students' tab.
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • A student can no longer be assigned to two markers for a marking workflow stage that should only involve one marker per student.
  • Security enhancements
  • Further work on the upcoming Mitigating Circumstances functionality.

Technical notes


  • [TAB-6620] - Meeting record notifications sent to My Warwick show no-permission fallback text in place of meeting title
  • [TAB-6991] - Exception thrown when trying to grant roles or permissions on a Member
  • [TAB-7170] - investigate: org.hibernate.NonUniqueResultException: query did not return a unique result: 2
  • [TAB-7238] - Student assigned to two markers in a single workflow stage
  • [TAB-7265] - Activity stream notification isn't cleared when scheduled meeting is recorded as missed
  • [TAB-7368] - NPE - Profile Module Page
  • [TAB-7370] - Manually adding a student to a small group set hides any students linked from SITS until the change has been saved
  • [TAB-7371] - Validation message displayed when editing properties of a small group set
  • [TAB-7374] - Hidden input for CSRF token is included for forms where method=get
  • [TAB-7398] - ReferenceError: Can't find variable: $ on attendance/manage/cs/2018/new/:scheme/students
  • [TAB-7399] - ReferenceError: Can't find variable: BrowserDetect on
  • [TAB-7401] - Don't report erroneous AJAX errors if readyState === 0
  • [TAB-7405] - make ModelAttribute "generateUUID" a freemarker tag
  • [TAB-7411] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/submission/{assignment}/resend-receipt


  • [TAB-7377] - Include CSRF token: /exams/grids/{department}/{academicYear}/generate
  • [TAB-7379] - Include CSRF token: /exams/grids/{department}/{academicYear}/generate/corerequired
  • [TAB-7380] - Include CSRF token: /exams/grids/{department}/{academicYear}/generate/options
  • [TAB-7381] - Include CSRF token: /profiles/view/{studentCourseDetails}/{academicYear}.zip
  • [TAB-7382] - Include CSRF token: /admin/department/{department}/permissions
  • [TAB-7385] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/agent/{relationshipType}/{academicYear}/point/{attendanceMonitoringPoint}
  • [TAB-7386] - Include CSRF token: /groups/event/{smallGroupEventOccurrence}/register
  • [TAB-7388] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/manage/{department}/{academicYear}/{attendanceMonitoringScheme}/edit/students
  • [TAB-7390] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/profile/{student}/{academicYear}/record


  • [TAB-7147] - Import profile based on least recently updated department
  • [TAB-7173] - Disable Add button on Upload Marks webform if assignment uses a marking workflow
  • [TAB-7230] - Re-add links to assignment summary from student profile Assignments page
  • [TAB-7304] - Add error handling for modals submitted via AJAX
  • [TAB-7332] - Do not display default value for max word count
  • [TAB-7335] - Tabula filters skipped when tabbing (eg in a course exam grid)
  • [TAB-7337] - In reusable groups hitting enter on buttons doesn't work
  • [TAB-7340] - Enable selecting filters via keyboard-only use when adding students to a monitoring scheme
  • [TAB-7345] - Display disabled checkbox with tooltip for students returned in filtered results if already manually added to scheme
  • [TAB-7353] - Don't mark students as unrecorded when they've changed seminar groups
  • [TAB-7359] - Add checkboxes to monitoring point re-check screen
  • [TAB-7361] - endpoint for taking frontend errors
  • [TAB-7362] - Ensure it's possible to tab onto all dropdowns throughout Tabula
  • [TAB-7365] - Only display stack traces if the currently authenticated user is a sysadmin (ignoring masquerade)
  • [TAB-7366] - Lato font load should be crossorigin="anonymous"
  • [TAB-7367] - Tighten security headers
  • [TAB-7373] - Remove academic year feature flags

Mitigating Circumstances

  • [TAB-7360] - Mit circs panel members can't view the panel page
Wed 14 Aug 2019, 11:31