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Tabula 2019.7.4 released

We released Tabula 2019.7.4 on Thursday 25 July 2019. This release features:

  • Improvements, including:
    • You can now report your students' missed monitoring points from other departments to SITS. The 'View by student and report to SITS e:Vision' page within Monitoring Points now includes points from other departments for the selected students.
    • Students with a year abroad now see a year weighting of 0% for that year on the Modules page in their profiles.
    • Further accessibility improvements.
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • The Modules page of students' profiles now shows the correct year weighting for each year. When year weightings change on a course for new students, existing students still see the weightings that were in place when they started.
  • Further work on the upcoming Mitigating Circumstances functionality.

Technical notes

Dev Sub-tasks

  • [TAB-7443] - SelfSignupTest
  • [TAB-7444] - Functional test failures:
  • [TAB-7445] - TutorAllocationTest Functional test failure


  • [TAB-7395] - Grid exception - Running level grids for UG
  • [TAB-7400] - Unable to get property '1' of undefined or null reference
  • [TAB-7402] - Stored XSS - small group event title
  • [TAB-7403] - Stored XSS - 'All Groups' report group title, event title
  • [TAB-7404] - Stored XSS - Monitoring point name
  • [TAB-7413] - 'Skip to main content' and 'Skip to navigation' links invisible when tabbed onto
  • [TAB-7415] - Manually adding a student to a small group set hides any unsaved students linked from SITS until the change has been saved
  • [TAB-7420] - 'Other departments' dropdown arrow and focus indicator box are misaligned
  • [TAB-7425] - Wrong Year Weightings logic -Profile Page
  • [TAB-7430] - ErrorsController does not get user agent header due to a typo
  • [TAB-7433] - js error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
  • [TAB-7434] - MSIE users don't get CSRF token sent in XHRs to local URIs without a hostname
  • [TAB-7437] - Students property of ReportStudentsConfirm audit events is a map of usercode to number of missed points
  • [TAB-7441] - On Test, there is modal under footer
  • [TAB-7442] - Client: Tour popover close performance is poor (5-6s lock-up in FF68)
  • [TAB-7446] - Left-hand border of focus indicator box not visible on checkboxes or radio buttons
  • [TAB-7451] - js error: TypeError: _this7 is undefined
  • [TAB-7453] - Malformed links displayed when expanding small group sets
  • [TAB-7455] - Look for use of 'this' in arrow function


  • [TAB-7389] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/admin/assignments/{assignment}/marker/{usercode}/{stage}/marking-completed
  • [TAB-7391] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/admin/assignments/{assignment}/feedback/adjustments
  • [TAB-7418] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/manage/{department}/{academicYear}/new/{attendanceMonitoringScheme}/students
  • [TAB-7423] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/manage/{department}/{academicYear}/addpoints/new
  • [TAB-7424] - Include CSRF token: /attendance/manage/{department}/{academicYear}/addpoints/copy
  • [TAB-7428] - Add support for HTML templates with ftlh extension
  • [TAB-7429] - Include CSRF token: /profiles/tutor/meeting/{meetingUUID}/approval
  • [TAB-7431] - Add CSRF token for summary/table radio buttons
  • [TAB-7432] - Include CSRF token: /groups/admin/department/{department}/{academicYear}/groups/reusable/new/{smallGroupSet}/students


  • [TAB-6722] - Allow uploading of missed monitoring points to SITS where the point’s department does not match the student’s department
  • [TAB-7033] - Display a year weighting of 0 on Modern Languages students’ profiles for the Modules page corresponding to their year abroad
  • [TAB-7334] - Tabbing to links bypasses some modals
  • [TAB-7397] - ESLint support for all Tabula JS


  • [TAB-7460] - Missing monitoring point notifications not being sent at 5 missed points - WMG

Mitigating Circumstances

  • [TAB-7406] - Make it clear that mit circs notes are private and won't be shared with the student
  • [TAB-7407] - FreeMarker error on student view of mit circs submission
  • [TAB-7408] - Add "Select/unselect all" checkbox to affected assessments
  • [TAB-7409] - Improve error message at top of mit circs submission form
  • [TAB-7410] - Make it clearer that selecting a previous submission on the mit circs form is optional
  • [TAB-7417] - Panel member list can start with an empty entry
  • [TAB-7461] - NullPointerException in MitCircsAffectedAssessmentsCommand if an assignment is open-ended
  • [TAB-7462] - Who have you contacted? - validation missing when no answer is given
Wed 14 Aug 2019, 11:39